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Citizens Make Mountain Bike Trails

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Our vision for Cave Hill has included a multi-use, urban wild that promotes fit lifestyles and healthy relationships with nature by introducing young people in town to outdoor sports including kayaking, trail running, climbing, caving, swimming, fishing, and MOUNTAIN BIKING.

At the center of the park is a 7-acre depression with a 60 foot spread in elevation, formed by rain dissolving the underlying limestone over thousands of years. Our development plan for the park identified this bowl’s natural suitability for mountain biking. Four young men from town acted on that potential this fall by starting to build and maintain trails. The Boro, meanwhile, has agreed to permit the trails in absence of features like ramps that would not be covered under its liability insurance.

In the spring we hope to further develop the principles of a demonstration circuit, acting in established best practices to minimize its impact on soils and organisms and to offer safe and exciting experiences for those on mountain and bmx bikes. Nick Loftus has agreed to share experienced input as organizer of a collaboration between Susquehanna Area MTB Assoc and Capital Area Greenbelt Assoc wo has directed the building of miles of mtb trails in and around Harrisburg. The Handlebar at Dickinson College is also a potential partner, and we look forward to opportunities to collaborate and provide unique recreational opportunities.

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