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PA Geologists Visit Conodoguinet Cave

A Chairperson of the Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists led a pre-conference field trip to Conodoguinet Cave as a part of the annual meeting, being held this year in Carlisle. Representatives of Cave Hill Carlisle had met with Katie in August to prepare for the trip by seeing sinkholes, measuring strike and dip, identifying some fossils, and observing other geologic phenemenon. She reported of yesterday's trip:

"Water was pooled in the entrance Thursday and some people chose to not go in, but further in was fine. In one place, we could see a channel where water flowing from the spring passage had washed out some of the mud. I had also gone into the cave Wednesday afternoon and on the surface...when a good amount of water was flowing into the first sink that you had shown me and water was also flowing out of the cave from the spring passage. The water flowing out of the spring passage looked comparable to the amount going into the sink at the surface. Also, we saw two frogs, two salamanders, and about 6 bats in the cave [likely Eastern Tri-colored Bats, renamed from Eastern Pipistrelle]. I will give you a copy of my write-up when I am finished. Again thank you very much for showing me the cave!"

Katie Schmid_rimstone dams.png

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