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Cave Hill Nature Center TURNS 50!

A turning point for Cave Hill took place 50 years ago--July 23, 1963--when the Carlisle Kiwanis Club, led by five members, finalized a transfer of the former trolley park, owned by the Turnpike since 1938, to donate to Carlisle Borough. Despite the $2500 pricetag, then the equivalent of $20,000, the organization was driven to preserve the local landmark and keep it open to the public. To raise the money, they recorded a vinyl record of Christmas carols and sold those door-to-door to cover the down-payment, then spent several more years paying down the debt. Today CaveHillCarlisle volunteers are addressing litter, improving trails, and stewarding natural resources. You can contribute by contributing your time or expertise and by letting the Borough know that you support Cave Hill!

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