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No Parking

North Middleton Police Department periodically enforces a no-parking policy at Cave Hill Nature Center, issuing citations for $108 related to a "No Parking" sign intended for the UGI Pipeline and Bekins Ace Moving and located to the right of the lot. Walking and bicycling are the best ways to visit Cave Hill Nature Center but if you must park there, our advice is to park as far to the left as possible and at least 10 yards from the sign, or well off the road on the Turnpike emergency access ramp further down Cave Hill Drive.


We are cooperating with North Middleton Police to identify better ways of addressing security at Cave Hill without discouraging use by or compromising the experiences of law-abiding citizens. You can help by stating your support or sharing stories about how you enjoy Cave Hill.

If you've received or receive a citation for parking at Cave Hill, please let us know on our Contact page or by emailing

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