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CaveHillCarlisle is an all-volunteer coalition of community members and organizations dedicated to the appreciation and responsible stewardship of Carlisle's Cave Hill Park and Nature Center. We recognize that this place is rich in historic and ecological significance, and falls too short of outstanding potential to serve as a recreational asset for the community. We are advocates for the park and its users, and are determined to reclaim it from decades of abuse and neglect. Redevelopment of Carlisle's northside, threats posed by the Turnpike widening project and swelling appreciation for urban green spaces make now an appropriate time to act on a 21st-century vision for Cave Hill.


a nature center near the center of town


that simultaneously promotes fit lifestyles and healthy relationships with nature by introducing young people to outdoor sports

including kayaking, trail running, climbing, caving, swimming, fishing, and mountain biking


That they, and 20,000 other citizens, can reach within a short bike ride or walk.


One that deserves and forms a unique connection with place and community,


Embodies 250 years of local history,


and qualifies as one of the County's most unique ecological and geological features.


While representing the revitalization of Carlisle's northside, and the keystone of green amenities which draw young professionals to life in town and support local businesses.


Like an antique, pulled from the attic, is rediscovered, rehabilitated and restored to it's rightful dignity in being used again.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Participate, to Put the Park on Track



CHC needs community members willing to participate in activities on the ground and around the table. To express your interest, please complete the form and describe the rolls you're capable of filling. When opportunities arise, we will contact you by your preffered method to share them.


CHC has partnered with the Cumblerand Conservation Collaborative (a registered 501(c)3 to accept and administer donations on our behalf. To make your tax-deductible gift, please complete the below form. We can also accept gifts of tools, materials and in-kind support--to contact us, email




CaveHillCarlisle appreciates community members' expressions of support, their sharing the park with friends, and advocating for their own ideas about park management. To embrace Cave Hill please PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT for the development of a rehabilitation plan and the application for grant funding. 

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