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Cave Hill is a 20-acre, wooded and undeveloped park of historic and ecologic significance owned by the Borough of Carlisle but located immediately north of town along the Conodoguinet Creek.

"I took my son and a friend of his in the cave today. We had a great time. This is my first time visiting since before all the workers cleaned it up. Thank you!"


"Me and my three friends went all the way to the very end on the cave today. we even signed our names on the cave sign in box that's how i found this website."



Cave Hill is one access for the Conodoguinet Creek Water Trail. The park is listed as a take-out only and not as a put-in point because it is just upstream from the Carlisle Raw Water Intake Dam. Do not attempt to navigate downstream over the dam!

In normal water conditions, though, the impoundment and the creek's low grade make it pleasurable for boaters to paddle upstream from Cave Hill on the flat-water stretching 1.6 miles to North Middleton Park.

As the Park's name implies, adventurous boaters should expect a steep hill to climb or descend between the water and road. We are currently working on plans to improve the trail system and accessibility at Cave Hill Nature Center, also including a 500 yard portage around the raw water intake to access the Connie downstream of the dam and underneath the bridge on Long's Gap Rd.

Water Trail

Conodoguinet Creek Water Trail



Participants assume responsibility for the risks associated with each activity. Please take adequate precautions and weigh the risks:

  • Fishing

  • Bouldering and climbing

  • Caving

  • Kayaking and boating

  • Rope swing

  • Swimming

  • Picnicking

  • Walking

  • Wildlife and wildflower viewing



Cave Hill was founded as a nature center--guests must respect wildlife and natural features and do their part to maintain the park as a natural area.

  • Fires and grilling are prohibited when the fire index is at or above High

  • Guests are not presently permitted in the park after dark

  • All glass bottles are strictly forbidden

  • Grafitti and littering will be prosecuted

  • Do not willfully damage any native plants

  • Obey signs restricting boating and swimming near dam

  • Respect other guests and the neighbors

  • collecting firewood, dumping yard waste, and off-roading are prohibited

  • Please go elsewhere to use restroom facilities

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